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「Sperm Sorter QUALIS」Development Story

Principle for Sperm Sorting

Density gradient centrifugation and swim up method for isolation of motile spermatozoa from semen samples are commonly used in assisted reproduction. However, centrifugation is concerned because it might cause physical damages, especially the DNA damage. Moreover, these two traditional methods are time-consuming and laborious. To solve these problems, we have developed a microfluidic device「Sperm Sorter QUALIS」to isolate motile spermatozoa.

【Principle for Sperm Sorting】
Sperm Sorter QUALIS is composed of four chambers named as Chamber A, B, C, D and a micro channel being connected to each chamber. After applying sperm sorting medium to Chamber B, C, D and semen sample to Chamber A at an appropriate amount, two streams of fluid with laminar flow can be formed in parallel (A→D, B→C). Only motile spermatozoa are allowed to swim into the parallel stream, followed by being isolated from Chamber C.

About「Sperm Sorter QUALIS」

About「Sperm Sorter QUALIS」

1.Product Features

  • ① Sperm Sorter QUALIS is made of cyclo-olefin polymer (ZEONEX 690R), which is a safe biomaterial commonly used in medical devices.
  • ② Sperm Sorter QUALIS is composed of four Chambers named as Chamber A, B, C and D, and micro channels being connected to each chamber.
  • ③ Sperm Sorter QUALIS could be fixed in a 60mm dish for easy operation, cleanness and less evaporation.
  • ④ Isolated motile spermatozoa will be used for intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

2.Product Specification
Overall dimension
Length 53.0mm / Width 18.5mm / Height 8.0mm
(Chamber height 6.0mm / Inside diameter 5.0mm)

Channel dimension
Channel width 0.4mm / Length 5.0mm / Height 0.05mm

How to Use「Sperm Sorter QUALIS」


(1)Prepare Sperm Sorting Medium
Make sperm sorting medium with serum substitute supplement or albumin included.
Ex. Add serum substitute supplement 10% in modified HTF medium (Irvine Scientific).
Keep sperm sorting medium warm at approximately 37℃ before use.

(2)Dilute Semen
Allow semen to liquefy after ejaculation.
Dilute liquefied semen with sperm sorting medium at the ratio of 1:1.
Keep sperm suspension warm at approximately 37℃.

(3)Prepare Sperm Sorter QUALIS
Fix Sperm Sorter QUALIS in a φ60mm dish.
Prepare Sperm Sorter QUALIS

2.Motile Spermatozoa Isolation
Motile Spermatozoa Isolation
  • ① Load 100 µL sperm sorting medium into Chamber A of Sperm Sorter QUALIS (figure 1) and allow the medium to flow to whole micro channels and Chamber B, C and D.
    Motile Spermatozoa Isolation
  • ② Load 100 µL sperm sorting medium into Chamber B, C and D respectively.
    Motile Spermatozoa Isolation
  • ③ Pull out all the sperm sorting media from all chambers.
  • ④ Load 20 µL sperm sorting medium into Chamber C and D respectively and load 100 µL into Chamber B.
  • ⑤ Load 65 µL sperm suspension into Chamber A.
    Motile Spermatozoa Isolation
  • ⑥ Adjust the amount of sperm sorting medium in Chamber B until the width of laminar flow from Chamber A reaches 40% of the overall width of the micro channel (Figure 2).
  • Motile Spermatozoa Isolation
  • ⑦ Allow Sperm Sorter QUALIS to stand for 10 minutes and extract completely isolated spermatozoa from Chamber C.

Instructions for use


Do not use the QUALIS for any purpose other than motile sperm isolation.
Do not use or operate the QUALIS if it shows signs of damage, crack or bending, or if package broken.
To prevent any damage to the the QUALIS, do not apply any excess weight on the device. Avoid exposure to excessive heat during storage.
To prevent contamination, use the device immediately after opening its package.


Keep this device at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.


Six (6) sterile disposable devices

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