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Development history of “MIGLIS”

For selecting motile sperm, a method using centrifugation such as density gradient centrifugation have been used, but there is a concern that sperm may be physically damaged because the sperm receives a large gravity due to centrifugation. On the other hand, Migration-gravity Sedimentation (MS) method was conventionally proposed as a method that can collect only motile sperm without adding a centrifugation operation. However, there are problems such as a small concentration and a small amount of the collected sperm. In order to solve these problems, we reviewed the MS method from the ground up and developed a simple and high sperm-friendly motile sperm selection device, "MIGLIS", which has high recovery efficiency.

●Principle of “MIGLIS”

About Migration-Gravity Sedimentation Method
Principle of “MIGLIS”

The MS method is a motile sperm selection method reported in 1983 1), and research reports have been made in Japan 2). This device has a structure in which a tubular central tube is inserted into a tubular container. After injecting the semen into the outside of the central tube (semen deposit area), if the culture solution overflows into the central tube and is injected to the extent that it covers the semen, only the motile sperm climbs over the central tube wall and collects at the bottom of the central tube.

1) Tea N. T., et al.: A“migration-gravity sedimentation”method for collecting human motile spermatozoa. Pathol. Biol. (France) 31/8, 688, 1983
2) Tatsumi,K., et al.: AIH Using the Sperm Collected by the“Migration-Gravity Sedimentation”Method. Jpn. J. Fertil. Steril., 33(3), 645-650, 1988

Benefits of using “MIGLIS”

1 Sperm selection is possible without centrifugation
・Work is possible in a small space.
・Eliminate concerns about physical damage to sperm by centrifugation.
2 Easy operation
・No need for agitation or repeated centrifugation.
・Can be operated regardless of the skill of the operator.
・The number of operating procedures is small, the work load can be reduced, and work efficiency is improved.
3 Efficient collection of large numbers of motile sperm
・ Non-motile sperm and debris are reduced, and many motile sperm can be recovered.
4 Uses biocompatible and transparent material
・ The material is a cycloolefin polymer that has been used in medical equipment and is highly safe for living organisms.
・ Because it is a material that is hard to be distorted and has high transparency, operation is possible while confirming it visually.
5 Improved recovery efficiency with a new design applying the MS principle
image of miglis・ By using Migration-gravity Sedimentation (MS) principle, motile sperm can be collected.
・ The petal-shaped central tube opening increases the recovery rate of motile sperm.
・ An inner lid along the central tube opening minimizes convection and minimizes liquid mixing.
・ A stable shape that does not easily fall down.

Composition of “MIGLIS”

image of miglis

●Scope of application
Selection of motile sperm
Items Specifications
Dimensions* 46mm (diameter)×34mm (height)
Volume of semen sample Up to 3.0 mL
Volume Recovery 0.4mL
Material Cyclo-olefin polymer (COP)
Components Container, Spacer, Inner Lid, Outer Lid
Sterility Gamma-sterilized(disposable)
* Design dimensions

How to use “MIGLIS”


image of miglisThe collected semen is liquefied and added to the semen deposit area. If the amount of liquefied semen is small, dilute with the selection liquid or install the attached spacer.


image of miglisSet the inner lid so that it does not float from the Container.


image of miglisSlowly add the selection liquid to the central tube. At this time, add until semen is completely covered.


image of miglisPut the outer lid on and let it stand for 1 hour. Currently, be careful not to shake the container as much as possible.


image of miglisCollect 0.4 mL of the selection liquid from the bottom of the central tube.

Precautions for use

【Precautions for use】
  • (1) Do not use this product for any purpose other than sperm selection.
  • (2) Do not use the product if the product is found to be damaged, cracked, distorted, broken packaging, pinholes, foreign matter, or other abnormalities.
  • (3) Due to the characteristics of plastic products, this product may be distorted or damaged by excessive external pressure or high humidity. Use and store this product not to apply excessive pressure and humidity.
  • (4) After opening the package, use immediately.
  • (5) Use of this product is one time only. Do not reuse.
  • (6) After disposing of used equipment, disinfect it with ethanol, etc., and follow the local regulations regarding waste.

[Storage method]

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.


6 pieces per box

Please download the instruction manual and product brochure of "MIGLIS" from here.
 user guide product brochure